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 I use the machines in this room to make tooling and whenever a higher degree of precision is required on a project.  There are few shops that have made this type of investment to ensure that a customer's order is not held up waiting for tooling or jigs from a local machine shop. Some smaller tools can be made in as little as 10 minutes.  I added this room in the spring of 2002.


Stock Rack

Every project begins as long section of metal stock is removed from the stock rack and cut to length.


Doall Bandsaw

This saw is an invaluable addition to my shop. I use it for something on almost every project, saving me countless hours over other methods. I have almost every accessory for this saw including the Doall supply cabinet to hold all of the other accessories. 


Wilton Belt Sander

From chamfering the ends of bars after they have been cut to grinding custom drifts, punches and other assorted tooling; this machine does it all. It has electronically variable speed, assorted contact wheels, and a dust collection system.


Bridgeport Vertical Milling Machine

I use this mill to make most of my rectilinear shaped tooling. It is also a drill press for precision hole location. It has a variable speed head, power feed on the table, and a digital readout. I also have rotary tables, an indexing head, and a sine table to use with it.


Hardinge Horizontal Milling Machine

This cute little mill is used primarily as a horizontal boring mill to face bars to length, drill holes in the ends of bars, and to cut tenons.


Clausing Tool Room Lathe

This high precision variable speed metal lathe is used to make any tooling or masters that are round. It has an Aloris indexable tool post with a good selection of carbide tooling.


Heat Treating Furnace

When tools need to be hardened after they are made so they will last longer I use this heat treating furnace. This furnace will go up to 1875 degrees Fahrenheit. I recently installed a digital  controller on it for more precise heat control. To harden steel it is heated up till the crystal structure is austenitic (different steels are different temperatures) and then quenched in air, oil, water, or brine to harden it. While an integral part of my tool room, this furnace is located in the forge.


Parker Majestic Surface Grinder

When the steel is hard or the part requires super precision tolerances I use this surface grinder to make the part. This machine is great for sharpening punches used in forging too.


Other tooling in this room includes:

Assorted measuring instruments
Atlas Arbor Press
Atlas Drill Press
Baldor Polishing Lathe/Buffer with dust collector
Crystal Lakes Cylindrical Grinder
Doall Gage Block Set
Starret Lab Grade Surface Plate
Wilson Hardness Tester


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